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What is Dugsi?

Dugsi is a Somali Word for Quranic School.It is a centre of learning the Quran along with Islamic Studies.

What sets Al-Furaat Institute apart from other Dugsis?

Al-Furaat focuses on providing personalized education for each students while involving the family  and ensuring students perfecting foundations ie reading,writing and Tajweed.

What is your Hingaad Program?

Our Hingaad program is taught by experienced teachers.We ensure students read the Quran fluently after completing the green book along with learning Arabic Writing.

What is Your Tahfidh Program?

Our Tahfidh program is composed of 2 programs.A mini Tahfidh of 3 days which is focused on ensuring students complete the khatm of the Quran and 5 day programs for memorizations.Our Tahfidh class are small and our students participating in local and regional Quran Competition.

Tell me about Islamic Studies

We offer Islamic studies according to age groups along with conducting workshops and seminars during the year for our students.

Do you offer Extra curricular activities?

We offer Basketball ,Soccer, field trips, career days, youth night and many other programs.

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